We represent the German manufacturer of suction excavators (suction units) MTS Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH ( with exclusive rights.


“These are unique, efficient and versatile suction units changing the concept of excavation works, instead of the usual digging tools or equipment!”

Suction excavator: a brief description

In Europe patent-protected suction excavators of company MTS Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH are mounted on truck chassis of different brands. With the installation, which can be compared with huge hoover, through the suction hose in the tank are sucked: soil, mud, water, clay, gravel, sand, stones and other material with a diameter up to 25 cm and weighing up to 40 kg.

High-performance fans create a powerful stream of air that is sucking material through the suction hose into the tank. When the tank is full, it is emptied by tipping. It can be emptied both into a construction waste container standing next to it or into a dump truck.

The patented filter system protects people and the environment from dust emissions, thereby guaranteeing efficient suction.

Soundproofing system “cares” about compliance to the standards for noise emissions.

Manufacture of suction excavators conducted in compliance with the EU directives 98/37/EG with identification of CE and TÜV certification.


Mobile suction excavator potentiality  

  • Possibility to collect objects weighing up to 40 kg and not greater diameter than Ø250 mm;
  • Suction operations over long distances (suction depth up to 20÷30 m, suction lengths 100÷150 m and greater).


Areas for use of vacuum excavators and applications

  • Excavation for laying lines and cables (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications)
  • Exposing damaged water and gas lines
  • Excavation of existing cable and pipe networks
  • Removal of gravel and ballast for repair and maintenance operations at railway track side
  • Removal of contaminated material
  • Soil removal around cables, lines, tree roots
  • Vacuum suction for renovating old buildings
  • Special operations
  • Utilities;
  • Water supply and sewerage facilities;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Oil extracting and oil refining industry (refinery); exploitation of oil pipelines;
  • Gas production and gas processing industry; exploitation of gas pipelines;
  • Railways;
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and tunnels;
  • Energy;
  • Woodworking and cellulose industry;
  • Coal industry;
  • Metallurgical (heavy) industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Airports and more.




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