(Efficient waste disposal with suction)

With refuse suction units of company MTS (, you can empty all types of underground containers quickly and thoroughly in cities, residential areas, and in all public places. Waste deposits in dirty areas can also be removed efficiently after large events. You can suck up the refuse along large squares or roads in a very short space of time.

Fixed refuse collection systems can be emptied as easily as:

  • Underground, sealed refuse collection containers,
  • Vacuum refuse collection systems which are located in inner city areas, historic districts, or residential areas,
  • And paper and other refuse containers such as collection containers.

The use of a refuse suction unit from Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH pays off anywhere where garbage should be disposed of hygienically and efficiently. MTS developed an innovative suction system which fundamentally redesigns waste disposal in all aspects.

The benefits of refuse suctioning

In comparison with traditional emptying – with a crane, for example – the use of a refuse suction unit from MTS offers numerous advantages.


Protection of citizens and the environment

Thanks to the MTS technology, emissions such as odor and noise, as well as particles and waste gas, can be effectively reduced in areas which are visited by many people. Rely on outstanding:

  • Filter technology,
  • Noise insulation,
  • Cleaning and disinfection systems.


Health of the waste disposal and operating personnel

The accident risk is reduced to a minimum since no manual work is required. In addition, the operator’s neck is not overstretched as often otherwise occurs when emptying a lifted refuse container.

Safety and hygiene

Since the refuse is transferred directly from a sealed system – such as an underground container – into another sealed system, the WASUC range refuse suction unit, and no contact with the environment occurs, contamination of the environment is prevented. In traditional waste disposal, infectious waste or contaminated fluids can come into contact with the environment and do damage in this manner. This is completely impossible in refuse suctioning.

Mod: WASUC 2  //  3  //  4

  • Carrier vehicle: 4×2 (18t) //  6×2 (26t)  //  Tridem (32t)
  • Container volume: 10 m³ // 16 m³ // 20÷24 m³
  • Hose diameter: up to 400 mm
  • Hydraulic compression unit
  • Discharge through pushing out
  • Hydraulically controlled arm with swivel motor
  • Double fan flow rate: 20.000 m³/h // 20.000 m³/h // 36.000 m³/h
  • Vacuum: 17.000 Pa // 17.000 Pa  // 30.000 Pa
  • MOLOKS washing unit
  • Optional: interface for ENVAC / Eleiko or similar fixed refuse collection systems




We are happy to explain to you what new possibilities will open up for you in the field of waste management. More detailed information is needed or you have any questions, please contact us.